Singapore Refinery

Singapore Refinery

The Singapore Refinery spans two operating sites: Jurong on the mainland and Pulau Ayer Chawan (PAC) on Jurong Island. Pipelines connect the two sites to enable seamless operations and effective molecule management. This integrated refinery has a combined nameplate capacity of about 592,000 barrels per day, producing fuels, lubricant basestock and chemical feedstock for its customers and sister plants each day.

The Singapore Refinery also manufactures industrial and automotive lubricants, base oils and aromatics that are marketed both within Singapore and exported to countries in the Asia-Pacific.

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Understanding flares

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Refinery products and their uses

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Singapore Refinery: Fuels

ExxonMobil produces high-quality fuels; these are marketed all around the world. The range of fuels is distributed through business-to-business segments of industrial and wholesale, aviation, and marine.

Singapore Refinery: Lubes and Specialities

The lubricants plant uses state-of-the-art ExxonMobil technology that employs ExxonMobil proprietary catalysts. This produces lubricants basestock with improved thermal and oxidation stability, low-temperature properties and volatility, resulting in higher fuel economy, better engine protection, lower oil consumption, extended lubricant life and sustained emissions performance.

•       Lubricants are specially blended from base oils, refinery products and additives to give them unique strengths and properties.

Jurong Aromatics Plant

The Jurong aromatics plant offers a versatile range of aromatic fluids, from toluene and xylene through to the heavy grades. A key strength is its flexibility to optimize crude oil product slates according to market conditions.