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Singapore Chemical Plant

ExxonMobil Chemical's largest investment in the world, with an ethylene capacity of 1.9 million tonnes per year.

Our chemical plant is fully integrated with the Singapore Refinery to form ExxonMobil's largest integrated refining and petrochemical complex in the world. 

This world-scale petrochemical complex was first commissioned in 2001, and was further expanded to more than double its capacity in 2013. Its ethylene capacity is now 1.9 million tons per year.

Using ExxonMobil's proprietary technologies, a broad range of feedstock can be processed at the Singapore Chemical Plant before the streams are converted into higher-value products. It also employs technologies, such as a 360-megawatt cogeneration facility, that help the plant use energy more efficiently and minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

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The plant comprises various downstream units which produces  commodity and performance polymers, aromatics and oxo alcohol. 

On its premises, there is  a 360-megawatt cogeneration facility that produces both electricity and steam to support plant operations. Cogeneration is significantly more efficient than traditional methods that produce steam and power separately, and helps to lower energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, we are building two new facilities to produce premium halobutyl rubber and hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin. 

As a major supplier of halobutyl rubber to the global tire industry, the expansion project will add production capacity of 140,000 tons per annum. The hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin production unit will be the world's largest for ExxonMobil, with a capacity of 90,000 tons a year, to meet the long-term demand for hot-melt adhesives.