Divisions, products and services


Divisions, products and services
Esso service stations
We have an extensive network of Esso service stations here that offer motorists our improved Synergy petrol as well as good value and convenience through our Smiles Driver Rewards programme and alliance with FairPrice for 24/7 grocery shopping convenience.
Esso Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
ExxonMobil markets and distributes Esso LPG to thousands of households and food establishments islandwide. We are also one of the leading suppliers of bulk and cylinder LPG for industrial use.
ExxonMobil Aviation is an industry leading marketer of jet fuel and aviation lubricants with a proud heritage originating with the Wright Brothers' first flight. We are committed to serving the global aviation industry across the commercial, military and general aviation sectors. Our product line includes both jet fuels and high performance lubricants such as jet oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and other aviation products. This nose-to-tail offer is unique in the industry, allowing you to work with a single source supplier for all of your fuel and lubricant needs.
ExxonMobil supplies a full range of marine products and services to vessel owners and operators worldwide. Our robust technologies and engineering expertise help customers achieve outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effective operations in a diverse range of marine applications. We provide the industry with marine fuels and lubricant solutions. A complete range of marine fuel oils and distillates helps enable reliable, efficient engine operation, while our lubricants protect and enhance engines and equipment performance. These are backed by technical services and support that can enhance operational performance.

ExxonMobil is among the leading producers and marketers of lubricants in the world. We offer a full range of mineral and synthetic lubricants marketed under the MobilTM family of products.

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Base stocks
For more than 135 years, ExxonMobil has maintained its position as a leader of base stock production. We have a global presence and the technical expertise to meet existing and future needs. From our ongoing Group I commitment to our increased production of Group II base stocks and beyond, we’re investing in a smartly designed range of global slates that secure consistent supply around the world.
ExxonMobil Chemical is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. The company holds leadership positions in some of the largest-volume and highest-growth commodity chemical products. ExxonMobil Chemical has manufacturing capacity in every major region of the world, serving large and growing markets. More than 90 percent of the company’s chemical capacity is integrated with ExxonMobil refineries or natural gas processing plants.
Gas & Power Marketing
ExxonMobil has an equity liquefied natural gas (LNG) marketing team in Singapore that markets our share of LNG from Australia’s Gorgon LNG project and other future LNG projects. Since 2011, a team has also been in place to market LNG from the Papua New Guinea LNG project on a long-term and spot basis.
Wholesale fuels
ExxonMobil markets Esso-branded and unbranded fuels, including diesel, petrol, liquefied petroleum gas and fuel oil, to a diversified customer base in Singapore. Our customers include resellers and large commercial users in the transportation, logistics, manufacturing and construction sectors. Customers can pick up fuels at our terminal in Jurong or have their orders delivered to them.
International Marine Transportation Singapore

International Marine Transportation Singapore Pte. Ltd. (IMT), which is part of ExxonMobil’s Global Marine team, provides marine quality assurance services to ExxonMobil affiliates engaged in third-party vessel and barge chartering activities.

Its history can be traced back more than 100 years to the early days of the Socony-Vacuum Company.

In 2014, IMT was established in Singapore as the global headquarters for ExxonMobil’s global marine quality assurance services, a move that strategically positions itself in the growing Asia Pacific region.

The IMT team serves existing and emerging global shipping markets.  On average, it performs about 55,000 vessel screenings, 700 ship inspection reports, and more than 120 marine security reviews, each year.

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