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Lubricant plant

Upgrades the value of the molecules to create useful lubricant products for consumers

The lubricant plant utilizes ExxonMobil proprietary formulation and technology, specially blending base oils and additives to give the MobilTM family of lubricants their unique strength and properties.

This results in higher fuel economy, better engine protection, lower oil consumption, extended lubricant life and sustained emissions performance.

To meet the growing needs of customers in the region, ExxonMobil had announced in 2015 that it is expanding its lubricant plant to produce synthetic lubricants, including the company's flagship synthetic engine oil Mobil 1TM.

The facility will be the only plant in the Asia Pacific producing Mobil 1 and adds to the company's increasing lubricants and specialties production capabilities in Singapore. This allows ExxonMobil to support the growing demand from automotive manufacturers and motorists.

In addition, a new grease plant will come on-stream in mid-2017 to manufacture three grease product families, namely Mobilith SHC, Mobilgrease XHP and Mobilux. The facility will incorporate innovative manufacturing technologies that demonstrates the company’s continuing commitment to the region and bringing quality products and innovation to the market.

As the demand for grease in the Asia Pacific region is on the rise, the grease plant will help position us to meet the increasing demand and contribute to the growth of the regional economy.