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Monday, 1 July, 2013  

ExxonMobil Singapore Refinery expands Group II EHC™ base stock capacity

- Expansion to support growing market for high-quality base stocks
- Additional capacity expected to be available by early 2015

Singapore – ExxonMobil’s Singapore Refinery will be expanding its Group II EHC base stock production capacity.

“The expansion of manufacturing capacity at our Singapore facility will help ExxonMobil meet increasing demand for high-quality base stocks,” said Ken Chandler, manager of Asia Pacific base stock sales at ExxonMobil. “Expanding production of our EHC base stocks will help our customers capitalize on their new growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.”

The additional capacity is expected to be available by early 2015.

The expansion project will use ExxonMobil proprietary technologies, including MSDW dewaxing catalyst, to increase production of EHC Group II base stocks. The company manufactures EHC 50 and EHC 110 base stocks in Singapore, designed specifically for blending mainstream lubricants in the Asia Pacific market.

“The expansion builds on ExxonMobil’s existing strong manufacturing base in Singapore and reflects its continued confidence in the long-term business growth in the Asia Pacific region,” said Gary Wilson, Asia Pacific refining director.

Earlier this year, ExxonMobil announced plans to expand EHC base stock production capacity at its refinery in Baytown, Texas, where construction is scheduled to be complete by early 2015.

“These two expansion projects demonstrate ExxonMobil’s commitment to the base stocks market and will enable us to significantly increase global supply of our high-quality EHC base stocks,” said George W. Arndt, Jr., manager of global basestocks & specialties.

Building on its long tradition of technology leadership, ExxonMobil continues to enhance the EHC product line to enable excellence for its customers. To this end, ExxonMobil technical experts designed the overall EHC product slate to meet performance requirements of a wide range of engine oil grades and other finished lubricant applications. The EHC Group II slate also allows customers to take advantage of industry base oil interchange and viscosity grade read-across guidelines to reduce formulation costs for many engine oil formulations.

For more information about the product offer, visit ExxonMobil Basestocks

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